Distance Healing

Distance healing is a blend of Reiki, Spiritual Support and Prayer. Healing is sent through the Reiki channel. Sessions are 45 minutes in length. Perfect after trauma, for addressing stress, moving unresolved emotions and general wellbeing. Clients often report healing of specific physical symptoms. £65 per session.


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Integration Sessions

Integration can be useful after any big experience. Integration takes places over zoom. We open with a check-in and brief meditation, followed by a good conversation. I may then suggest specific practices to continue with at home, and we will likely do some of them together in the session. 60 minutes in length. £85 per session. 

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In Person Support

One to one and small group sessions are available in person for anyone dealing with bereavement, stress, addiction, loss, grief, caring, parenting, or trauma. The following therapies are offered, price varies. 


Reiki is a flow of energy or chi which moves through the universe and can be channeled through the hands for the purposes of healing. Hannah is a Reiki Master in the Usui Ryoho lineage.  


Neutral-Space Relaxation® is a registered and trademarked method which increases core stability and emotional/mental balance. Developed by Lyn and Graham Whiteman, Relaxation® is a synthesis of decades of work in light touch therapies, counselling, nutrition and yoga. There is no ‘story’ to process in this work, but rather as the biology shifts the biography - or history - of the body becomes neutralised. From the neutral space, the heart unfolds. 


Working with the cranium - or skull - and sacrum the fluids, organs and tissues of the body are supported into balance. This heals the nervous system and allows new neural networks to form in the gentlest of ways. Suitable for general wellbeing and for those recovering from any form of trauma. Hannah is trained in the biodynamic model.

Integrated Healing

Integrated Healing is a total approach for those who are ready to dive deep. Integrated sessions draw on all of Hannah's specialisms and gifts. Individual and small group sessions of varying lengths. 

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Benefits of treatment include:

Trauma Recovery

Mental Stability

Sense of Peace

Healthy Organs

Core Balance

Emotional Confidence

Ease in Movement

Better Digestion

Pain Relief

Self Awareness

Support with Women's Issues

Help with Addictions

"I have attended a number of retreats run by Hannah and have seen her for one to one healing sessions. Hannah  approaches her work with great respect and integrity towards all of those who work with her. She works with sensitivity and care, and my overriding feeling is of being held very safely by her. She is very principled in her way of working. I would highly recommend her to anyone." - Jeremy, Psychotherapist, London

"I went to Hannah with the intention of having a Craniosacral session to clear the remnants of anything within my core relating to inherited issues of 'mistrust'. We chatted for a while about the work I have been doing over the years to clear ancestral influences. Hannah listened and shared relevant snippets from her own experience and history which put me at ease to be open to trusting her process, even though I didn’t know what it was.

In fact, when I turned up, it seemed as though I was clearing flu like symptoms from my body - I was feeling dizzy and full of cold and had a fever- all had come on suddenly the day before. I almost turned back and rescheduled! But it felt right to go and I am so glad I did.

What became evident through the session was how many other people’s stories of un-fulfilment and judgement I was holding in my body. These were not even family members that were coming to my awareness, but people I knew as colleagues, acquaintances and friends. I just witnessed and released, but the whole time on the table I was aware of my mental body doing overtime! The session seemed to last a long time and I felt ready for bed by the end of it!

The next day the back of my neck was so sore and I had an instinctive awareness that came to me 'he was hacked from the back'- this relates to the story of my maternal great grandfather that was beheaded during a civil war in Turkey. I’ve known for a long time this has been a story of unprocessed trauma- but the process of the session brought this key memory from an abstract knowing of an event, to an acceptance without any harrowing emotion. It got felt in my physical body enough to be released, and in so doing, it was gone.


Hannah is an AMAZING space holder...she doesn’t say much...but through her compassion and presence what needs to be revealed IS revealed. I was coughing and sneezing until I lay on the table- then the symptoms just went away!


If you want to do some deep inner work, I highly recommend Hannah's work. It is intuitive, empathetic and gentle, though very deep and thorough. I feel very safe in her hands and this is not something I say about many healers/therapists. And her giggle is wonderful!" - Rosanna Kaliabetsos, business owner, Brighton

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