Professional Training


Professional trainings from the depth of three lineages. Each has it's place and purpose, for each human is a perfect flower, and there is a perfect modality for each person, each phase of life. 

Training is offered one to one on an rolling/ ongoing basis. Groups are formed when several persons desire to train together. Certification is awarded and registration with the relevant professional bodies is possible. New students may train to practitioner levels while existing professionals may enhance their current approaches. CPD hours are awarded where possible. 

If you would like to do work that nourishes, I extend a warm invitation to you. 


Reiki is a flow of energy or ki (chi) which moves through the universe and can be channeled through the hands for the purposes of healing. Reiki is a recognised complementary medicine by the NHS and most major hospitals across Europe and the USA. Train to levels I, II, III and IV.


Hannah is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Ryoho lineage.

Neutral-Space Relaxation®

A complete system of bodywork, communication and movement that centres the practitioner and the client in a field of expansion and love. You will learn bodywork sequences, theories of touch and communication, and the integration of conventional and spiritual perspectives. Anatomy and physiology are covered, and at advanced levels deepening communication skills and more extensive maps of the body are explored in depth. 

Hannah is a registered practitioner and trainer with The Relaxation Academy and The UK Polarity Therapy Association. 


Craniosacral Therapy

In this training you will learn basic techniques of Craniosacral Therapy, used for balancing the core systems of the body. A separate certification is not available for Craniosacral Therapy in the UK, however you may study the methodology alongside the advanced Relaxation training. 

Hannah is a practitioner of the Biodynamic model of this work. 

 Connect with Hannah to book onto a training. 

"Hannah brings a very special presence to the work she offers. I have worked with her over several years and find that she consistently propels me forward in a newly re- aligned way. The way she holds the work is firm, bright, unique and with a huge amount of beauty, wisdom, gentleness and humour. I recommend working with Hannah to everyone!" - Tali, Movement Teacher, Tunbridge Wells

"With gentle flow, Hannah works from the vibration of pure love. Her sensitivity to those she holds space for is warm, precise and so very wise.  I have worked with Hannah as a collaborator and organiser in retreats, and as a receiver of her gifts, and no matter what the form is, it is a pleasure to dream, create, and bring to life her work and magic. Until now I have deeply appreciated the visions she has shared with me, as well as the guidance through my personal healing work which continues to support me as I hear her words and teachings popping up in the things that I do.

I know that we will continue to create more together in the future, and I am already looking forward to it, with my whole heart!" - Alice Ming, business owner, Lisbon

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