"With gentle flow, Hannah works from the vibration of pure love. Her sensitivity to those she holds space for is warm, precise and so very wise.  I have worked with Hannah as a collaborator and organiser in retreats, and as a receiver of her gifts, and no matter what the form is, it is a pleasure to dream, create, and bring to life her work and magic. Until now I have deeply appreciated the visions she has shared with me, as well as the guidance through my personal healing work which continues to support me as I hear her words and teachings popping up in the things that I do :)

I know that we will continue to create more together in the future, and I am already looking forward to it, with my whole heart!" - Alice Ming, business owner, Lisbon

"Working with Hannah has been one of the most eye-opening and heart-expanding experiences of my life.


I was introduced to healing work before meeting Hannah, however the greater scope of understanding what truly needed to be addressed within myself began when I first sat down with her.


Hannah has taught me, through her own embodiment, how I can live from my heart, which began to open it’s clenched jaws the first retreat we shared together. I learned that it was from this space that my true power lived.


We worked through both the energy of my past that needed to be reconciled, including harmful habits and the nature of my matriarchal lineage, and how to move forward into a new identity from a place of wholeness, self-love, and self-responsibility. With Hannah’s help I have connected to my guides, ancestors, animal helpers, and my dreams. She consistently holds space for me in a gentle and wise manner that insists upon honouring my own feelings of what arises, while happily sharing her accumulated knowledge within her traditions.


I am a different person since meeting Hannah. My transformation has been a lifting of a veil that I had been desperately trying to remove, for many years. My work with her has fostered deep respect and the ability to recognise healers who are full of integrity. When I look to other healers to work with in the future, I have a proper blueprint of Hannah and her joy, deep devotion, and heart-centred being to refer to." - Erica Jaqcuiem, massage therapist, Sedona

"I went to Hannah with the intention of having a CranioSacral session to clear the remnants of anything within my core relating to inherited issues of 'mistrust'. We chatted for a while about the work I have been doing over the years to clear ancestral influences. Hannah listened and shared relevant snippets from her own experience and history which put me at ease to be open to trusting her process, even though I didn’t know what it was.


In fact, when I turned up, it seemed as though I was clearing flu like symptoms from my body - I was feeling dizzy and full of cold and had a fever- all had come on suddenly the day before. I almost turned back and rescheduled! But it felt right to go and I am so glad I did.


What became evident through the session was how many other people’s stories of un-fulfilment and judgement I was holding in my body. These were not even family members that were coming to my awareness, but people I knew as colleagues, acquaintances and friends. I just witnessed and released, but the whole time on the table I was aware of my mental body doing overtime! The session finished seemed to last a long time and I felt ready for bed by the end of it!


The next day the back of my neck was so sore and I had an instinctive awareness that came to me 'he was hacked from the back'- this relates to the story of my maternal great grandfather that was beheaded during a civil war in Turkey. I’ve known for a long time this has been a story of unprocessed trauma- but the process of the session brought this key memory from an abstract knowing of an event, to an acceptance without any harrowing emotion. It got felt in my physical body enough to be released, and in so doing, it was gone.


Hannah is an AMAZING space holder...she doesn’t say much...but through her compassion and presence what needs to be revealed IS revealed. I was coughing and sneezing until I lay on the table- then the symptoms just went away!


If you want to do some deep inner work in one session, I highly recommend Hannah's work. It is intuitive, empathetic and gentle, though very deep and thorough. I feel very safe in her hands and this is not something I say about many healers/therapists or shamans. And her giggle is wonderful!" - Rosanna Kaliabetsos, business owner, Brighton

"Hannah brings a very special presence to the work she offers. I have worked with her over several years and find that she consistently propels me forward in a newly re- aligned way. The way she holds the work is firm, bright, unique and with a huge amount of beauty, wisdom, gentleness and humour. I recommend working with Hannah to everyone!" - Tali, Movement Teacher, Tunbridge Wells