Neutral Space Relaxation® 


Training is currently offered through a combination of online and in person sessions. Basic techniques for balancing the core systems of the body through touch are introduced. As the student matures more advanced techniques are practiced. As part of the training meditation, movement and guided supervision are included. Theory and practice are blended for a fullness of understanding.


Upon completion of training you are certified to practice Neutral Space Relaxation with clients. Your certification will be recognised by your insurer, among social workers, doctors and nurses as well as those in alternative health and beauty industries. You have the option to enrol in the professional bodies of The Relaxation Academy and The UK Polarity Therapy Association as a practitioner. 


Neutral Space Relaxation® was developed by Lyn and Graham Whiteman, synthesising many years of work in light touch therapies, counselling, nutrition and yoga. It works on core levels of the body’s systems to bring balance, restoration and your natural healing responses into alignment. There is no ‘story’ to process in this work, but rather as the biology shifts the biography - or history - of the body becomes neutralised. As a somatic, body based approach, Neutral Space Relaxation® is the perfect complement to existing therapies of all sorts as well as its own stand alone work. 

The course is offered as a series of seven sessions. Sessions are delivered in 1.5 hour modules. Upon completion of all modules + 9 hours of client practice, you will be certified to practice Neutral-Space Relaxation. £165 when paying per module or £1,111 in sum when paid up front. 

Module One - Meditation, demonstration of sequence, practice of sequence, feedback. To be taken three times.

Module Two - Movement, self-care, theory. To be taken two times.

Module Three - Listening and communication, business skills. To be taken once.

Module Four - Supervision, ethics. To be taken once. 

As this course is for new practitioners a full intake interview is given prior to accepting a student for training. Upon completion of interview full enrolment details are shared. Please Contact Hannah to set up an intake and interview for training. 



Advanced Practitioner Training 

At the advanced level we go deeper, integrating stillness with more complex models of interaction. Theory covers advanced anatomy, communications and sensitive issues. Each of the areas are covered over the five days, overlapping with each other in a synergistic mode. Teaching is offered through demonstration and practice, supervisions, movement, meditation, sound and breath. This is a space to be supported in your process and discuss being in-the-world as practitioners and guides. For those with existing qualifications only.


1.5 hour modules at £165 each. Available via zoom or in person, individually or as part of a small group. 


Advanced Trauma Work - We look at the nervous system and the spine, learn a back sequence, and uncover possible responses for flipping from trauma to trust within the body’s systems.


Advanced Communication - We explore and experience deep listening and learn a core craniosacral sequence for facilitating this level of exchange.


Deepening the Elements - We look at the interaction of elements within the body’s systems. Sequences covered include the umbilical spiral, six pointed star, sun and moon, East/West geometrical reflexes, and work with the joints and bones.


Nutrition and Digestion - We discuss models and systems of nutrition, cook together, and learn by doing.


Supervision - We share updates of our practice sessions and engage a supervision process, opening our inner experience within the role of service.

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