You may find links to some articles here, as well as the opportunity to purchase my thesis. I write with a personal style that draws deeply from tradition yet questions with the eye of a contemporary woman. 


'Actualising the Contents of the Heart:

A Practice Based Study on the Training of a Female Mevlevi Semazen', University of East London. My PhD thesis, printed and bound, shipped internationally.  340 pages with 69 photos and illustrations. £45 + Shipping 


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'This study looks at whirling, the Mevlevi, Sufism, and performance making through the paradigm of practice based research. It is story woven around the training of a Mevlevi semazen in London, a woman and an artist.   


Based in the perennialist school of thought, this study proposes that the heart is the foundation of whirling practice in all modes of its enactment.  The unique physiology of whirling opens processes relating to purification, trance, and movement in the subtle dimensions.  As a touchstone to all modes of spiritual experience, the heart is both the ground and that which is revealed by the act of whirling.


Dance and theatre making are used, over three seasons of production, to reveal deepening layers around the artists initiation. Emplacing the artist as a Westerner and a woman in relationship to Sufi and Mevlevi modes of being, surprising bridges are made between an emergent Muslim feminism, performance making, and transmodernity. 


This study argues that the body is the carrier of deep and practical knowledges and thus locates the primary research site in the body and inner heart of the researcher.  In widening circles the hearts and bodies of the her co-initiates and dancers are included, which then reach out and touch the bodies of enactment in whirling, performance and ritual transnationally.'