Neutral Space Relaxation® was developed by Lyn and Graham Whiteman, synthesising many years of work in light touch therapies, counselling, nutrition and yoga. It works on core levels of the body’s systems to bring balance, restoration and our natural healing responses into alignment. There is no ‘story’ to process in this work, but rather as the biology shifts the biography - or history - of the body becomes neutralised. It is a somatic, body based approach, the perfect complement to existing therapies of all sorts as well as its own stand alone work. 


In the taster day you will get a brief introduction to the theories underlying Relaxation. You will experience a hands on session. And we will have time to chat, laugh and share a cup of tea.

Options to register for training at discounted rates will be available during the taster day. 



A beautiful apartment overlooking the shoreline of Brighton and Hove. Directions and address given upon enrolment.



Simply book your ticket for £15. 

Hannah will then be in touch with full details.

Relaxation Taster Day