Reiki is for everyone.

Reiki is for everyone. Relaxation is our birthright.

Reiki is a flow of ki, or chi, through the universe which can be channeled through the practitioners hands.

There are specific ways of opening the body to receive the ki which are called attunements - these are passed on from master to student. Skills and ethics are then learnt by which the student who carries the ki passes

it through their hands for the healing of others.

Reiki originated in Japan where it was first given to Dr. Mikao Usui, a lifelong practitioner of Buddishm and an inter-religious scholar/educator. The path of mastery is essential to Reiki practice, and for the first several hundred years of Reiki’s lineage the symbols and techniques were kept secret, safeguarded only for those who would use them within a path of mastery and only for the healing of others. In recent years Reiki has proliferated, and while this leads to dilution/commercialisation in some cases, it has also opened the doors to research in other instances.

Reiki is being proven effective for many ailments including diabetes, dementia, post surgery care, cancer care, as well as emotional issues such as anxiety and stress (see links below). While Reiki may have seemed a bit ‘new age’ in the past, like many other Eastern spiritual practices, it is now taking a central role in the health and wellbeing industries. Reiki is recommended by the NHS for cancer and dementia patients and their carers. Reiki is offered at top in hospitals in the USA. And many people are finding the healing and soothing and touch of Reiki to be of great benefit to their emotional, mental and physical lives.

My own path with Reiki began in 2006 when I received my Reiki I and II attunements from my then current teacher. Moksha, a Sufi and a healer, views Reiki as a powerful and gentle method to be treated with respect and care. She passes on the Reiki lineage to those who will watch over it with love. As well as this she teaches advanced systems of energy healing based in Ayurveda and Osteopathy. I trained with her from 2000-2008 for a total of 700 hours and an advanced, board examined certification in healing. I worked as an apprentice healer from 2002-2004 and then had my own practice from 2005-2008. Recently I have been drawn back to Reiki, or it has come to me again in the most congruent and surprising ways, and I have been fully facilitated to train to the master teacher level. I am in private practice again at a The Hawkins Beauty Clinic in London and in the Forest Row area through yoga studios and my home office. For those who are ready to learn to walk the Reiki road of mastery, I offer training and attunements.