Sufi Courses

The Basics of Sufism and the Names of God

Wednesdays 6-8pm  May 26th - June 16th (online)

Rumi writes, 'What you seek is also seeking you'. 


In this class we cover a basic history of Sufism, Sufi Elemental Breathing, Sufi prayer, mantra or chanting, poetry and music. 

Sufism is the mystical, inner dimension of religion, from before the time of religion. It’s practices are ancient methods for deepening the connection of the heart to universal love/God and for assisting the human in their spiritual maturation. These are strong practices, perfect for focusing and enlivening your daily walk. 

The exchange is £195 for the course. 

To confirm your enrolment in the Basics of Sufism a deposit of £100 is requested. You may register  here OR via the paypal button below. Upon registration, an enrolment questionnaire, resources and appropriate details will be sent to your email address. 

After completion of the Basics Course you may join the ongoing Sufi group which gathers to share and reflect the love of Allah every Wednesday night. 

I am so looking forward to meeting you in this heart space! 

Women’s Work

Do you feel as if the past is holding you back?

Are there stories within you waiting to be heard?

And are you ready to release and lighten these stories?


New feminine waves of energy are moving through the earth. 

Is your body longing for full and healthy expression of this energy? 

Is your womb ready to be embraced?

A women's group will meet for 12 weeks. 

Thursdays 7-9:30pm Sep 7th - Nov 23rd (online)

After completion of this course you will:

Have a deep and intimate relationship with your womb.

Know a wide range of practices to calm, nourish, balance and empower your physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.

Have a foundation for working with yourself through personal, ecstatic sensual and sexual practices.

Be able to tell your story in beautiful, exquisite detail and power.

Have a strong network of women to continue your journey with after the course completes. 

Drawing on body-mind practices, somatics, indigenous teachings and ancient yogic arts - we will breathe, heal, listen, share and experience. Both to our own bodies and the stories of our sisters. We will open the gateways of the womb, the sensory and emotional bodies, and develop and anchor our sexual energies for joyful cosmic creation. We will weave the stories of our mothers and grandmothers with powerful female archetypes and our own bodies. 

The course will be interactive and online. There will additionally be a Whats App group, and through the group you will have a way to share with each other mid-week and through the process. 

And I will be personally holding your energetic and spiritual opening during this journey. It is as if we will be in ceremonial sister space for a full 12 weeks!

The course is comprised of a 2.5 hours group session via zoom each week + practical and embodied homework for you to do in between sessions + handouts and resources on topics covered. 

Towards the end of the session (Nov) there is an optional, additional in person Women's Retreat to bring the work into its deepest fulfilment. 

This session develops the work of Hannah's online courses ad workshops. We use the group dynamic to go deeper, bring more beauty, more light.  

The exchange for the group work is £369 and can be paid via a payment plan if requested. 


To confirm your enrolment in the 12 week women's group a deposit of £123 is requested. You may register  here OR via the paypal button below. Upon registration Hannah will conduct an intake interview you. 

I so look forward to welcoming you dear sisters!