Group Courses From Home


5 courses to choose from, 5 weeks length for each course, 5 participants per course

A weekly lesson via zoom to support and develop your practice

Sufi Courses
Course One: The Basics of Sufism (Mondays 7-8pm).                      Jan 11th - Feb 8th 2021

In this course we learn the very very basics of Sufi practice. We cover Sufi Elemental Breathing, The Fatiha, a short history of Sufism, Sufi Chanting and Poetry. Materials will be sent out each week however the basis of the class is exploration through experience. For those who are curious about Sufism or who would like a fresh approach, this is a space of discovery. Hannah is not a Sufi master, but shares from the place of her own direct experience. 

Course Two: The Names of God (Tuesdays 10-11am)                      Jan 12th - Feb 9th 2021

In this course we explore the names of God. There are 99 within Sufism, and 99 stands for infinity. The names encompass all of human experience. Each week we will discuss, move and sing with two-three of the names. The weeks theme will be sent out each week, and suggestions for other texts and supplies to support your journey will be given at the start. 

Course Three: Sufi Songs and Ilahis (Wednesdays 10-11am)          Jan 13th - Feb 10th 2021

In this course we will sing Sufi ilahis together. These are songs of praise and power, passed down in time. Singing them together we receive the vibration of each song and enter the spiritual states. 

The focus is not on becoming a singer, but on moving with the states of divine love as a small community. Words will be sent out each week however it is unknown how many songs we will do each session, it is a fluid environment following love’s trail. 

Shamanic Courses
Course Four: Songs for the Heart with Shamanic Drum and Rattle (Tuesdays 8pm)
                                                                                                                  Jan 12th - Feb 9th

In this course we learn traditional songs on the drum and rattle. Each week we will learn a song together. You will need your own drum and rattle to sing with. Words will be sent out prior to each weeks session. These songs are powerful prayers, passed down in time. Singing them together we receive the vibration of each prayer and magnify its power for all. 


Reiki Courses

Course Five: The Principles of Reiki, Embodied and in the Dreamtime (Wednesdays 12-1pm)
                                                                                                                   Jan 13th - Feb 10th 2021

In this course we cover the five principles of Reiki, one each week. We discuss the origin of each principle. We look at how the principle can be established physically within the body. And look further at how the principle becomes a lived reality in both our waking and dreaming states. Ideal for anyone who has been attuned to Reiki. A deepening, seasoning time to support both ourselves and each other. *Please enrol here if you would like to receive a Reiki attunement.*


More About the Courses

These courses are simple and direct. They involve a direct teaching and transmission each session. The material we cover may be practiced as much as you like. Courses may be repeated as often as you wish. Repetition is good for the brain, the heart, the body, the soul. 

Current Exchange is £161.50 per course - that works out to £22 per session which includes one hour of online instruction/meeting per week plus additional email or phone support where needed. Materials for each weeks session will be sent via email at the start of each week. 


Book onto 2 courses at the same time and pay just £300 - that’s a savings of £11.50 per course. To receive the discount simply purchase your first course and Contact Hannah to receive a voucher of £22 for your second payment. 

You may also wish to explore Empowering The Feminine: a course in six sessions for men and women alike

"Working with Hannah has been one of the most eye-opening and heart-expanding experiences of my life.


I was introduced to healing work before meeting Hannah, however the greater scope of understanding what truly needed to be addressed within myself began when I first sat down with her.


Hannah has taught me, through her own embodiment, how I can live from my heart, which began to open it’s clenched jaws the first retreat we shared together. I learned that it was from this space that my true power lived.


We worked through both the energy of my past that needed to be reconciled, including harmful habits and the nature of my matriarchal lineage, and how to move forward into a new identity from a place of wholeness, self-love, and self-responsibility. With Hannah’s help I have connected to my guides, ancestors, animal helpers, and my dreams. She consistently holds space for me in a gentle and wise manner that insists upon honouring my own feelings of what arises, while happily sharing her accumulated knowledge within her traditions.


I am a different person since meeting Hannah. My transformation has been a lifting of a veil that I had been desperately trying to remove, for many years. When I look to other healers to work with in the future, I have a proper blueprint of Hannah and her joy, deep devotion, and heart-centred being to refer to." - Erica Jaqcuiem, massage therapist, Sedona

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