One to One Support

After a big opening of any sort, be it personal, spiritual, familial, health related or business related, integration can be helpful. There is no agenda towards a specific point of view, but rather you are met with deep listening, care and expertise. Your personal beliefs are always honoured and we work within the frames of reference that you adhere to. 

Sessions are available in 45 minute to 1 hour slots. Sliding scale for those who are unwaged/in need. 

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"Working with Hannah has been one of the most eye-opening and heart-expanding experiences of my life.


I was introduced to healing work before meeting Hannah, however the greater scope of understanding what truly needed to be addressed within myself began when I first sat down with her.


Hannah has taught me, through her own embodiment, how I can live from my heart, which began to open it’s clenched jaws the first retreat we shared together. I learned that it was from this space that my true power lived.


We worked through both the energy of my past that needed to be reconciled, including harmful habits and the nature of my matriarchal lineage, and how to move forward into a new identity from a place of wholeness, self-love, and self-responsibility. With Hannah’s help I have connected to my guides, ancestors, animal helpers, and my dreams. She consistently holds space for me in a gentle and wise manner that insists upon honouring my own feelings of what arises, while happily sharing her accumulated knowledge within her traditions.


I am a different person since meeting Hannah. My transformation has been a lifting of a veil that I had been desperately trying to remove, for many years. When I look to other healers to work with in the future, I have a proper blueprint of Hannah and her joy, deep devotion, and heart-centred being to refer to." - Erica Jaqcuiem, massage therapist, Sedona

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