Healing Dance and Whirling Retreat

Dance is that which makes the invisible visible: sound, rhythm and the motion of the universe. As these waves move through the human form, we express them for our joy and delight.

In Hannah's facilitation of healing dance emotional release and catharsis are not the emphasis. The trajectory is experience of self in relationship to divinity.

When you come for healing dance you can expect to use breath work and awareness techniques to enter a healing state, and  then explore a variety of sacred geometrical forms, or dance, to open the most gracious and subtle spaces for intimacy with our divine beloved.


The work draws from somatic/body-based approaches, anatomical and energetic maps of the human system, contemporary and classic forms of dance, and most importantly, Sufism. 

The body requires love, time and care, and so we immerse ourselves within to allow the most beautiful expression to surprise us in its unfolding. 


We go to a warm, loving location so that our bones, breath and cells may relax and regenerate in the process. 


We nourish ourselves with the best food, with fire and wind and sea, we touch the earth, so that our dance may be emplaced. 


We connect the innermost being of ourselves to the totality of the cosmos, through the heart. We form a community and connect the heart of God not only to ourselves, but to each other. 


Day 1

Arrival and Relaxation - Today you may arrive, meet the others, explore the space and rest. We will come together in the evening, after dinner, for a sharing and introduction.


Day 2

Warming and Softening the Body - Today involves movement, breath, stillness and partner work. We will discover many of the intrinsic properties of the body’s systems and find the voice of our own stillness. We will gently share this tender voice, through touch, in partner work.


Day 3

The Moving Calligraphy of the Heart - Today we access the stories of the body. We allow expression of all that is there, through whichever moving means best supports its voice and release. Finally, we centre on the heart and allow it to write its story through the willing and receptive pens and brushes of the arms, legs, fingers, toes, eyes, spine, chest and pelvis. 


Day 4

Opening to Devotion - Today we begin again at the heart. Slowly, slowly we penetrate deeper in her surfaces, her structures. Finally we come to her centre, and staying there in the healing waters of love, we rest. When we are completely filled with the blessings of the centre place, we move together with our divine inner nature. We dance and whirl with God. 


Day 5

Moving from the Invisible to the Visible - Today we create palaces, gardens, pictures of heaven. Through the warmed, open, present, moving and holy body we allow the deepest longings, joys and beauties of our hearts to surprise us as they unfold through our total self. It is a day of creation, creative expression, joy and appreciation. And after all the activity, today we return to the smallest, most quiet stillness. As the whirl deepens in us throughout the day, we may find a rich harmony with the creative spark of life. 


Day 6

Goodbyes and Departure - This morning we rise with the sun and make our final prayers. We make space for generous goodbyes, we bless each other and depart for home. 

This years retreat will take place July 19th-24th, 2019, in a land where Sufism is rooted and has flowered, amongst picturesque hills and sublime beauty. We will be at Alisler Yurdu, an eco-village on the Maramara sea, in Yalova province, Turkey. The village is easily reachable by a one hour ferry from Istanbul. Registration is limited to 15 people and early booking is recommend. 

Connect With Hannah to discuss booking/pricing and reserve your space today. 

"Hannah is a true and gifted healer. She is deeply and purely committed to her work, exhibiting strong boundaries, playfulness and the most beautiful nightingale voice. The retreat I attended put me in touch with a more subtle realm within and without of myself and reconfirmed a message that I hold very dear to my heart. I have much love, respect and trust of Hannah and I plan to work with her again soon." - Hetty, Brighton