Empowering The Feminine: A Course in Six Sessions

This is an incredibly lush, beautifully filmed, exceptionally executed online experience - just for the feminine.  Full of storytelling, yoga, dance, meditation, inquiry and art - this experience is designed to carry you through your body, through your past, into your heart and the present moment. 


Each session opens with a guided meditation, a series of movements which you do at home with me on screen, and a beautifully told story. After a brief tea break, you return to the session for connections and inquiry, where we integrate the archetypal with present day roles for women.


Each week a suggested readings is assigned. Resources which come with the course include a richly illustrated weekly guide, a PDF of all the readings, six full hour lessons, and a group format where you may leave and respond to comments of other students taking the course. 


As this is an e-course, you may do the series as quickly or as slowly as you like - lessons download one at a time as you complete them. And while you may do this series at home, you will be connected to others through the comments and feedback sections. I am also available as the tutor should you want or need to be in contact with me. 

The feminine is rising globally. A great softening, a great veil lifting from the eyes. And it is ours to embrace. Weaving past, present and future, we situate ourselves in this moment in time.


And as the feminine is within us all, both men and women will benefit from this set of teachings. I encourage all genders to participate in this historical moment in time, and in the healing of their own feminine. Through balance, we become truly empowered.


You may pre-order the course now at an introductory rate of £420.00 - via the paypal button below. That is 6 hours of active instruction + 6 hours of rare and inspiring readings + creative and embodied prompts for each lesson. You will also have ongoing access to Hannah as the tutor. That is over 17 hours of instruction, plus access to the full breadth and spectrum of Hannah's teaching. The e-course format is simply a dream to be part of, and Hannah is so happy to share it with you.


The finished course will be available directly at Thinkific. The pre-order rate is available exclusively  here. Please contact Hannah directly for any further questions or information.