Empowering The Feminine: A Course in Six Sessions for Men and Women Alike

An online course including six one hour sessions, readings and prompts for further inquiry and expression. In the course we explore the feminine through movement, bodywork, story, myth and archetype.


Each session opens with guided meditation, a series of movements to do at home with me, a story, and a connections section which integrates current women and role models with the archetypal.


Readings are given as a PDF at the start of your course. Each lesson includes a reading, the one hour video lesson, and prompts which you may respond to as you feel. There are prompts for both men and women.


You may do the series as quickly or as slowly as you like - lessons download one at a time as you finish each one. Throughout your course, I am available for email support should you desire. 

The feminine is rising globally. A great softening, a great veil lifting from the eyes. And it is ours to embrace. Weaving past, present and future, we situate ourselves in this moment in time. The course is in its preview and testing phase, and shall be ready for download Feb 2021.  


Order until Jan 30th at the Pre-Order rate of £222. From Feb 1st the course will go up to full price at £555. Six fully packed one hour sessions, six incredible readings, prompts to explore between sessions, email support while you take the course, and a lifetime of access to the powerful teachings and movements. 


Additional discounts for students of group courses, those who receive healings and support, as well as for those who order multiple copies, for example if you'd like to include the series in an extended training or to send the course as a gift. Please inquire. 

A brief intro to Empowering the Feminine: a fully downladable online course in six sessions.
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