Empowering The Feminine: an online course for men, women and all genders

This is an exceptionally executed online experience - lush, beautiful and focused.  


Each session opens with a guided meditation, followed by a series of movements which you do in the comfort of your own home, After listening to a beautifully told story pulled from the riches of the oral traditions, you return to the session for connections and inquiry, where we integrate the archetypal with present day roles for women.


Each week a suggested reading is assigned. It is suggested that you prepare for each lesson by doing the reading. Then the movement, meditation and listening will land fully in the body. An integration session afterward is facilitated via prompts.


Resources which come with the course include a richly illustrated workbook and guide, all readings as downloadable PDFs, six full hour lessons, and a group format where you may leave and respond to comments of other students taking the course. I am also available as the tutor should you want or need to be in contact with me. 

You may complete the course in your own pace. For instance you may complete one lesson a day over six days, one a week over six weeks, or one a month over six months. Take a break at any time, breathe, come back. 

The feminine is rising globally. A great softening, a great veil lifting from the eyes. And it is ours to embrace. Men, women, trans and all possibilities of genders will meet in the great womb of wisdom. Weaving past, present and future, we situate ourselves in this moment in time.


For a course preview and to enrol please go to www.hannah-jewel.thinkific.com

"There is healing and peace in 'Empowering the Feminine.'  In times of stress we all need white golden light, and a way of beauty.  Hannah's lovely storytelling and exercises can bring that to bodies and minds.  Let there be healing and joy!" Susanne Sklar 

‘This course is totally on point for my current life situation, as I prepare to enter motherhood and have another being to care for and be guardian of. It is beautiful! The amount of time, effort and organisation put into this course makes me as a recipient feel valued. The depth of knowledge that is shared is robust.’ Cherish Hope