Weeklong Programme in Shamanism and Energy Healing

This programme focuses on work with elemental forces and nature, from the inner self to the body of the earth and out into the collective. We work with prayer, our instruments are our hearts, our drums, our voices, our beautiful eyes that see so much. With ethics as a foundation, this course is for those who are ready to embrace a shamanic consciousness in their daily lives.


To become a ‘shaman’ is a calling that must be followed only by those who truly feel it and who have a lineage and tradition to learn from. The entire world is ready to wake up to shamanic consciousness however, and it is to this collective awakening that this course speaks. Connected to nature, the elements, and community we learn to walk a new way together, a way of ancient wisdom and beauty. 



Day 1

Guided Meditation - Coming Into Presence

Energy Healing Techniques - We will learn and share/exchange basic energy healing techniques for the body, heart and soul.



Day 2

Guided Meditation - Calling forth your heart

Drum Making - This is an all day workshop wherein we will make our own drum, decorate and consecrate it as an extension of our own heart.



Day 3

Guided Meditation - Calling forth your guides


Singing for the Earth - We will learn songs on our drums, improvise and find a voice for our deepest prayers.


Walking the Earth - We will walk quietly on the earth and listen to her voices, her beings and her whispers. We will apply energy healing techniques to the land.


Day 4

Guided Meditation - Touching the Healing Waters of Life and Restoration


Teachings from Water - Brining together scientific and indigenous perspectives on water, we celebrate water and look at what it has to teach us. We consider how shamanism may influence individual and collective water issues.


Prayers for Water - From the heart, we call into manifestation our visions for clean water.


Water in the Collective Body - Putting our visions into earth, we share and anchor the vibration of our vision into specific areas of our own work and lives.



Day 5

The Nature of Ritual - Looking at the seven directions, the four winds, and the four elements we will consider various ways of creating and holding sacred space. We share and anchor the vibration of sacred space into specific areas of our own work and lives.


Fire ceremony - We build a sacred fire, call in the seven directions, and with incenses and tobaccos, sing, drum and play our prayers. As the night closes in, we close the directions, the week of learning, and share a magnificent meal together.

This years training will run Oct 21st-25th, 2019, in the English countryside in Sussex. Guests may stay at La Casa de Pas, a healing centre with room for camping on site, or in local bed and breakfasts. 

Private retreats/courses are also added throughout the year, and can be arranged internationally. Large numbers can be accommodated for businesses, community groups and even families. Price varies according to each location and group. 

Connect With Hannah to discuss details and discover if this programme is perfect for you.

"I have attended a number of retreats run by Hannah over the last six months. I have also seen her for one to one healing sessions. Hannah  approaches her work with great respect and integrity towards all of those who work with her. She works with sensitivity and care, and my overriding feeling is of being held very safely by her. She is very principled in her way of working. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering a deep path of transformation." - Jeremy, Psychotherapist, London



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