Infinite Peace Three Month Signature Programme

Are you motivated to grow?

Looking for the next phase of transformation in your life?

Do you have a sincere desire to expand your gifts and shine your light brighter?

To connect to infinite sources of wisdom and love ?

In this programme we take time to connect to and understand our body, it’s ways of knowing and communicating, to develop a rich dialogue.

We open doorways beyond conventional knowledge to find our inner intelligence and wisdom.

We draw out the blockages and limitations that keep us from knowing and living a life of love and peace.

We connect to our inner bliss.

And from a pure state of joy we look again at the world and our place in it.


This program is designed for those who are ready to commit to a transformational journey, to walk through the past in order to stand in the present, for those who have the courage to discover and embrace their gifts.

Is there an area of your life that needs vital, loving support to shift?

Do you have wounds that need to heal in order to move forward? 

The emphasis is you, your transformation.

Do you desire to be a beacon of love and light in a world that so needs it?

There are vast pools of knowledge to encounter.

Utilising practical tools such as meditation, chanting, breathwork and self care bodywork techniques we will open doors to the inner dimensions with patience and skill.


This course offers a synthesis of a lifetime of knowledge, especially tailored to your desires, needs and growth.

When we come to understand our own vibration, we can release its habituated patterns of expression and open to the pure frequency of our own heart. 


This 3 Month Intensive offers you

A Welcome Packet which provides an in depth overview of your current situation, history and desires - and which gives me an opportunity to get to know you. 


An Introductory Three Hour Intensive where we tailor the direction of the program specifically to your areas of growth.

You may choose to work more on an inner layer with intuitive spiritual guidance and counselling, or you may like to explore more practically through movement or attaining leadership skills. The work can be tailored to your own best modes of exploration and guided to bring your desired outcomes to fruition.


One to One 90 minute online sessions with guided learning, deep personal exploration, individually tailored homework, supervision and feedback.


A One Day In Person Intensive involving bodywork, movement, in depth conversation, fun and relaxation. This is a chance to deepen our work together through shared presence, with witness, facilitation and support from me. They say that the body does not lie, nothing is hidden in our bodily expression, and together we will enter the most heartfelt spaces of transformation. Held by Mother Nature, nourished by the Sun, you can feel safe to let go fully into the moment of healing.


Follow Up and Integration Session. A few weeks after the programme has ended we will follow up with an Integration Session to check in and see how the work is moving into your life. Together we will ground and invigorate your personalised action plan to facilitate deepening expansion of this work as it matures within you.


As an additional Bonus You Will Receive:

Meditation on the Lotus of the Heart

Meditation on Infinite Balance

Resource Pack of Body Based Wisdom Tools


Connect with Hannah


Module One: Our Bodies Our Truth

Week 1) Self Care Bodywork Techniques - We will explore self care techniques so you have tools to provide safety for all levels of yourself, in body, mind and spirit.

Week 2) Trust - Where is trust in the body? How can we identify and nurture it so it is a gift to ourselves?

Week 3) Our Bodies Our Wisdom - Harnessing your intuition for inner union and power.

Week 4) Encountering Trauma - Trauma can be anything from a small comment to a large life event - it depends how it enters our nervous system. We will look at trauma from a wide perspective and focus on your own experience to bring your nervous system to balance no matter how large or small your life experiences have been.

Week 5) Moving Beyond Trauma - We look at the flipping point where trauma becomes a gift of power, where grief becomes joy, where stillness and motion meet. An encounter of peace.

Week 6) Our Deep Energy Systems - We look at maps of the body that are most potent and useful to you, drawing from Taoist, Sufi and Yogic traditions. We encounter the body as a field of magnetism which is rooted in the physical and extends into space and time in pattern.

Module Two: Our Feminine/Masculine Sacred Selves

Week 6) Native teachings on Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine - We consider community and the special quality of woman’s way in its health and vitality.

Week 2) Sufi teachings on Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine - The sacred quality of receptivity.

Week 4) We are the cosmos - Meditations on the infinite experience of ourselves.

Week 5) Finding your Power Animal - Journeying with the drum to find sources of strength and healing.


Module Three: The Path of Transformation

Week 11) The Power of Vulnerability - Encountering our most vulnerable inner spaces, we will see how they are seeded, rooted and grown in the heart into our most precious jewels

Week 12) Surrender - Letting go into the process at ever deeper levels, we will encounter the completeness of true surrender, we will look at what this means to you and ways you can let go and allow yourself to fly


Extended Four Month Programme

Weeks 13 and 14) Encountering Ecstasy - We work with the breath, mantra, and specific techniques to bring you into an experience of ecstatic bliss.

Week 15) Grounding and Navigating the Path of Ecstasy - We explore the subtle dimensions and how they appear for you, we will practice ‘taking flight’ and ‘returning home’ and look at the influence of this skill in your daily life.

Week 16) Compassion - Moving ecstasy from personal to collective, we encounter ‘the other’ in the subtle realms and again in the material realms to bridge the two for a real and lasting peace.

The work is intensive, and in some cases it may take longer than three - four months to complete. If you would like to continue our work together you may transfer straight into a six month programme at a reduced rate.


For those who transfer onto a 6 Month Programme you will receive the additional bonus mediations of my six month Sacred Feminine Leadership programme to further support you. We will tailor make the programme to complete what we have started in the initial four months and move forward in the directions that are most filled with potency and power for you.

Prices vary by the length of programme and your international location. To discuss programme details, pricing, and your desires please book a connection call.  


Connection Call with Hannah