Six Month Sacred Feminine Leadership


Do you desire to inspire?

Are you a person filled with vision and passion?

Are you ready to open fully to dynamic power and love to share it with a world that so needs it?

This course is for those who are in leadership or ready to move into a place of leadership in their lives. 

The course can be taken by both men and women. It is the feminine principle as foundation that we work with, which is biologically rooted in the womb but embodied by both women and men.

As our patriarchal systems become quickly outdated we are in need of new guiding principles for leadership.

The feminine principles of reciprocity, receptivity and inclusiveness can be applied by all genders in leadership arenas with staggering results for humanitarian goodness, creating new models of abundance and prosperity.


As outer reflects inner, this programme begins with work on the self.

We encounter new ideas, new practices, and allow the shadow to emerge. In this way we become empowered as true leaders, who by example and experience bring light. 

A beautiful life is the human birthright, why settle for less and why ask anyone else to? 


When we create peace within, we have the capacity to move the light of our inner core into the world through our love and passion. 

The Sacred Feminine Leadership Six Month Programme Offers You

A Welcome Packet which provides an in depth overview of your current situation, history and desires - and which gives me an opportunity to get to know you. 


An Three Hour Introductory Intensive where we tailor the direction of the program specifically to your areas of growth and need. We will look at goals, current and desired work/life/relational outcomes, vision and potential. The work will be tailored to your own best modes of exploration and specifically designed to bring your desired outcomes to fruition.


20 One to One 90 minute sessions with guided learning, deep personal exploration, individually tailored homework, supervision and feedback.


A Full Weekend In Person Intensive involving journey work, movement, in depth conversation, action planning, fun and relaxation. In a luxurious location we will work with fire, water, air and earth to ground our work in the lived reality. We will bring the exercises we've done forward through shared presence, and with the benefit of time, space and embodied support it will mature greatly. 


Two Follow Up and Integration Sessions. Two weeks after the programme has ended, and again two weeks later, we will follow up with Integration Sessions to see how the work is moving in your life. Together we will empower and invigorate your vision and your heart to facilitate deepening expansion of this work as it matures within you.


As an Additional Bonus you will receive:

Continual Email Support

Meditation on your Power Animal

Meditation on the World Tree

Meditation for Flowing Compassion

Plus All of the Bonuses for The Infinite Peace 3 Month Signature Programme

Module One: Embodied Feminine Leadership


This module looks at key specific areas of power in the body. Each is a gateway to infinite knowledges. When we open knowledges of each centre point, a new matrix of communication opens within the self.


Weeks 1 and 2) Sacred Womb - For women, accessing the womb as a source of knowledge, power and transformation. For men, touching the sacredness of the womb and its power through relationship to the sacred feminine. We uncover the possibilities of such an intimate knowledge.


Weeks 2 and 3) Sacred Heart - The heart is the divine meeting point between womb and mind, where transmutation and true power both rests and moves. We will look at your heart, what it carries, where it needs cleansing, what it dreams of, to allow its gateways to open and visibly shine.


Weeks 4 and 5) Sacred Mind - Purifying the thought patterns of conditioning, space is made for sacred thought which is pure in its vibration. For visionaries, visions are easy. What might a pure vision from the source of a clear mind look like for you?

Week 6) Sacred Fire and Passion -The solar plexus is the ground of fire in the body, and ecstatic experience is a touchstone to purity and passion. We touch into ecstatic experience via practices drawn from Sufic and Yogic traditions. What would it feel like to embody a positive outflow of passion from a clear burning inner fire? 


Weeks 7 and 8) Sacred Earth - Earth is the root of our being, and we belong to the earth. We discover the essence of our bones, our deep inner motivations and look at how we walk from the place of sacred reciprocity. Grounded in specific practices, opening new knowledges and discoveries. 



Module Two: Feminine Leadership in Action

Week 9) Compassion, with passion - We look at theories of power and compassion drawing from both conventional and spiritual sources. Encountering an out flowing river of grace from the deep well of feminine significance, we will open a source that feeds and nourishes everything it touches.


Weeks 10 and 11) Power - What is power in its ethical, abundant, free flow? How do we actualise a state of power that is immune to need, greed and ego? Looking specifically at your style of leadership and it’s evolution through this course, we work with your embodied sense of power and its expression.


Weeks 12 and 13) Structures - New structures are needed in almost every area of business and governance. Drawing from a geological sense of deep time, with placement of ideas in Sufi, Taoist and Yogic traditions we look at structures for feminine leadership, community thriving and the movement of resources. Looking at your areas of leadership, with heart and intention, we identify subtle shifts in the energy and vibration of your work that can have profound impact when anchored fully.


Week 14) Communications -  We look at communication on every level, from verbal to embodied, energetic to structural. We will move into the vibration, or blueprint of peace that you carry and realise its effective communication within your arena of leadership and power. This brings you to the point of utilising your Sacred Voice of Peace for manifestation.


Module Three: Visioning a New Earth


Weeks 15 and 16) New Earth - We journey to the inner dimensions for revelations about pressing issues including economics, housing, food and climate. From your revelations we begin to co-create a vision rooted in your vibration and your passion.

Week 17) Integration - Brining together our work, we create a concrete plan of action. 

We will additionally work from any of the topics included in the Three Month Programme. We may add these topics in at any point in the process to season the work before continuing with the Sacred Feminine Leadership progression. Based on your history, desires, and what comes up, we will navigate the deepest path of exploration and visioning possible. 

Prices vary by package and international location. To discuss programme details, pricing and your desires please book a connection call. 


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